Déjà Vu Platform

assemble web apps from concepts using HTML

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You are going to need Node.js v10 and MongoDB 4.0+. Note that you just need the community server version of MongoDB, you don’t need to register or pay any money to Mongo Inc.

project install

  1. clone our starter template repo
  2. in a separate shell, start the mongo deamon with mongod
  3. navigate to the root of the project directory (the directory with the dvconfig.json file)
  4. run npm i to install the project dependencies
  5. run npm start to start your app locally
  6. visit http://localhost:3000. You should see a “hello world” page.

You can now start including concepts and creating new pages. To see your new changes, you have to restart the web server (Ctrl+C and run npm start again).


Simply removing the project directory will remove the node_modules folder that contains the Déjà Vu packages.